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School Band/Orchestral Instrument Rentals

Alison's WOM offers an exceptional Rent-to-Own program that will put a quality name brand instrument in the hands of your child. The options offered through our program will allow you to utilize the rental program to best suit your family's needs. Alison's WOM rental program includes, low monthly payments,
new or like-new instruments, no credit checks, no deposits, the option to return at any time without fees or penalties, an early buy-out option which includes
a discount payoff to save you money, the option to exchange your instrument type for a different one (ie.: trumpet to clarinet), and a maintenance and replacement program. School band specialist is what many refer to us as Alison's WOM works with a large number of schools in many different parishes
and are very active in sponsoring school band activities both locally and around the state. So if your child has joined the school music programs,
Come See Us...we can make getting your band/orchestral instruments and supplies easy and fun!

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